Capture3 Easy Steps

  1. Place cover over food in the microwave
  2. Fill center steam chamber with 1-3 tablespoons of water. Do not overfill
  3. Start the microwave and see your MOLO™ Moisture Lock in action

MOLO™ Moisture Lock does not change the time you ordinarily need to heat food in the microwave.

The MOLO™ Moisture Lock can be used as a regular splatter cover without adding water.

The MOLO™ Moisture Lock can also be used to cover food on the dining table or kitchen counter, keeping food warm and protecting it from contaminants and dust.

CaptureCleaning Tips

1. Remove the detachable steam chamber.

2. Wash with regular dishwasher detergents.

MOLO™ Moisture Lock is dishwasher safe. Please use the top rack of the dishwasher.

To wash by hand, simply detach the steam chamber from the cover and clean the parts with warm water and neutral non-abrasive cleaner. Allow parts to fully dry before storing. Store the cover with the steam chamber detached to prevent mildew from forming.

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