Microwaving food is a convenient way to heat up meals or snacks. However, microwaving food can remove moisture, leaving food bland and dry. MOLO ™ or Moisture Lock™ technology locks in moisture to give your food that fresh, never-been- microwaved taste.

The patent-pending MOLO ™ – Moisture Lock™ Microwave Cover changes the way food is heated in the microwave. With the innovative steam chamber, just add 1-3 tablespoons of water to the cover, and the food’s natural moisture will be preserved during heating. The steam chamber is detachable for easy cleaning, and the entire product is dishwasher-safe. In addition, the cover prevents splatters and keeps food warm before serving.

Product Safety

  • MOLO™ Moisture Lock is for microwave over use only. Do not use it in a conventional oven, on a stove top, or over a direct flame.
  • MOLO™ Moisture Lock does not change the time you ordinarily need to heat food in the microwave.
  • Add water only. Do not add any chemicals, additives, or other liquids to the MOLO™ Moisture Lock.
  • Although the MOLO™ Moisture Lock utilizes a heat isolation design for its handle, it can still become hot due to steam; always use oven mitts for your safety.
  • MOLO™ Moisture Lock is not edible. Please do not consume any part(s) of the product.
  • Caution! Beware of Hot Steam and Hot Water. Water added and steam generated can be extremely hot after heating. Always hold the Moisture Lock with its handle straight-up and DO NOT TILT to prevent hot water from spilling.



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