Keeps your food moist & your microwave clean.

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1. Place MOLO™ over food
Pour Water
2. Add 1-3tbs of water
Put in Microwave
3. Microwave and serve

Top Reasons to use the MOLO™ Moisture Lock

  • Retains the natural moisture of food for optimal taste
  • Prevents food splattering in the microwave
  • Eco-friendly and money-saving: replaces plastic wrap and paper towels
  • Warms food evenly
  • Fits plates and bowls of different sizes
  • BPA-free and Melamine-free(made with food grade materials)
Microwaved with MOLO™ Moisture Lock
Microwaved with MOLO™ Moisture Lock
Microwaved without MOLO™
Microwaved without MOLO™ Moisture Lock
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